Student Attendance System

Student Attendance System

Student Attendance System


Our Student Attendance System allows schools to easily track and monitor students’ attendance records on any devices. Our system comes with an optional integration to the Conduct and Discipline module in which late coming or absences without valid reason are auto captured as offences.


With this system,


  • Schools can customize different attendance status
  • Teachers can mark attendance by date / class
  • Teachers can key in remarks if required.
  • HODs can opt to verify the attendance before confirmation.
  • Parents and students can access to view the attendance records
  • Students (and/or Parents) can inform the schools of their absence via the system.
  • System is fully integrated with the Conduct and Discipline module
  • System can be integrated to external hardware such as Biometric / Card Tapping System


Some of the features of our Student Attendance Report include:


  • Daily absentees list
  • Late coming report
  • Summary report by school, level, class, individual
  • Attendance by class register view



January 16, 2017


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