Discipline Record System

Discipline Record System

Discipline Record System


Our Conduct and Discipline Management System allows schools to customize a list of offenses and allocate them to students who have committed these offenses. The offenses can be tracked based on a demerit point system.


With this system, schools will be able to:


  • Create different offences categories such as Attendance Related, Inappropriate Behaviour, etc.
  • Create different offence types within each category such as Late Coming, Disruptive Behavour, etc.
  • Classify each offence type as a major or minor offence
  • Allocate demerit points for each offence type if required
  • Allow HOD or Teacher-in-charge to key in follow up actions
  • Link to our Conduct Grade where system will take into account disciplinary records during the grading exercise
  • Allow admin to preset access rights to selected authorized personnel


Some of the features of our Conduct Grade and Discipline Management Report include:


  • Repeated Offender Reports
  • Case Report by Level or Case Type
  • Customizable Summary Reports



January 16, 2017


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