Conduct Grade System

Conduct Grade System

Conduct Grade System


Our Conduct Grade System allows schools to adopt a qualitative approach in assessing a students’ conduct in school. The system draws on our proprietary 360° assessment approach to compute a students’ conduct grade.


With this system,


  • Schools are able to configure the different conduct grade parameters and rubrics for different levels.
  • Schools are able to create customized conduct grade assessments for different levels
  • Schools are able to customize indicators and rubrics for the conduct grade assessment.
  • Schools are able to distribute the assessment to the various stakeholders for inputs.
  • Our system can take into account students’ disciplinary records for the Conduct Grade assessment.
  • Our system allows for Conduct Grade moderation from the various Form Teachers before the final confirmation.


Some of the features of our Conduct Grade Report include:

  • Report can be generated by class, level, pupil and semester.
  • System can help to track students’ progress over the years.



January 16, 2017


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